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Vanderlande building 12

Location: Veghel
Target audience: Material Handling Suppliers & Integrators

Client: Vanderlande
Construction period: Q1 2023

Vanderlande is a global market leader for logistics process automation in warehousing, airport logistics and package sorting. The facility in Veghel is home to Vanderlande’s showroom and warehouse.

The location is used to show customers of Vanderlande the capabilities of their logistics solutions. In addition, the building serves as a warehouse for Vanderlande’s products. The floors have a high level of flatness and were designed by Van Berlo Engineering based on Vanderlande’s strict deformation requirements (FEM) for industrial floors.

3500 Surface area

NEN2747:3 Flatness

Nieuwkuijk Houtlab
Helmond Edco
Almelo TSC

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