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Logistic Centre Dorshout

Location: Veghel
Target audience: Developers

Client: Bouwbedrijf Van de Ven
Building period: Q2 2021

A new state-of-the-art logistics centre was realised at this brownfield location.

To ensure the facility was suitable for a wide range of applications, the industrial floors have a very floor flatness rating in accordance with NEN 2747 class 2. In addition, Greymatter technology was used. This combination ensures a crack-free, sustainable and extremely flat floor.

9700 Surface area

NEN 2747:2 Flatness

Crack-free floor with Greymatter technology

“A state-of-the-art logistics centre with an extremely flat, crack-free floor”
Nieuwkuijk Houtlab
Helmond Edco
Almelo TSC

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