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CSR and sustainability

CSR and sustainability

CSR and sustainability

Van Berlo is well aware of its responsibility to help build a better world.

That’s why we work according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. There are seventeen goals to establish peace and prosperity for people and the planet by 2030. The goals form a compass for global challenges such as poverty, education and our climate.

Sustainable Development Goals

Below are the four SDGs that Van Berlo mainly focuses on.

Good health and well-being
Van Berlo believes that everyone should have the freedom to be themselves and develop in a safe working environment. Sustainable employability and vitality are therefore important spearheads, as is having a personal development plan in place. It is our way of striving to be a good employer and to create a balanced relationship with our staff.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Thanks to our innovative capacity, we are a leader in our market. We are continuously looking for opportunities to making our flooring solutions and processes more sustainable. From optimising structures that require less material consumption, to developing new working methods, equipment and software. Research, strategic partners and big data play an essential role.

Responsible consumption and production
We reduce waste, spillage and pollution. Both in our own daily operation and on construction projects. Where possible, we also separate waste and reuse building materials, such as concrete rubble as a circular raw material in new piles, foundations and floors. Our ambition is to take back floors at the end of their useful life and adopt a circular strategy when using the materials.

Climate action and sustainable energy
Van Berlo contributes to a better climate and environment, for example by reducing its carbon emissions and through our ambition for a climate-neutral operation by 2050. We have already started generating our own energy with solar panels, using alternative diesel-powered and electric transport, and have adopted a hybrid working model for our staff. Moreover, we use local suppliers and reduce the CO2 impact of our concrete wherever possible.


CSR updates at Van Berlo

Recycling facility (Dec 2023)
We recently opened our own recycling point, which enables us to save on waste costs and separate recyclable waste.

Use of electric finishing equipment (Oct 2023)
Our brand new electric finishing machines produce no noise pollution and no carbon emissions. This allows sustainable construction at any time of day or night.

Installation of solar panels (July 2023)
116 Solar panels have been installed on our office roof in 2023. It is the first step in making our office building more sustainable. The entire building will be rejuvenated and ready for the future in 2024.

Partner agreement with New Horizon (April 2023)
Van Berlo has conducted extensive research with New Horizon Material Balance over the past few years on the application of circular concrete in commercial floors. We have also signed a partner agreement and have made concrete arrangements to accelerate the reduction of CO2 emissions in new construction projects.

Completion of first concrete floor using circular raw materials (Jan 2023)