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Customisation is our standard

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Customisation is our standard

It’s difficult to distinguish one logistics concrete floor from another by looking just at the surface. But within this grey matter hides pure customisation.

Because only a custom solution makes the difference between a good or outstanding logistics operation. That’s why the experts at Van Berlo ask you in detail what you expect from your floor. After all, your input and processes are the solid foundation on which we pour our custom floors.

“Fifty million square metres of experience in forty-five years.”

we deliver
concrete results.

Our technology

R&D that focuses on the future

The ultimate concrete floor hasn’t been poured yet. That knowledge motivates us every day to outdo ourselves. To innovate with concrete.

The beating heart of innovation lies in our R&D department, where new applications, sustainability and circularity are high on the team’s agenda. And where alongside smarter concrete, they develop the machines and software. It’s our way of getting closer and closer to creating the ultimate concrete floor.

100% grip on concrete

100% grip on your operation

6 FTE doing continuous research

365 measuring days a year

A logistics floor you can still work on confidently fifteen years from now.

“Measuring every nook. Knowing every cranny. We collect data in our lab and in your floor.”

Your operational reliability

We engineer reliability

We measure everything. So we can know everything. We then use that knowledge to make a world of difference to your daily operation.

Our experienced engineers make sure your operational reliability is cast in concrete. That the structure meets the strict requirements for intensive daily use. And because Van Berlo Engineering works so closely with the executing disciplines, we leave nothing to chance during every stage of the project.

Industrial flooring

A superflat, sustainable and smart commercial floor

We poured our first industrial floor back in 1979. We’re now more than 50 million square metres down the track.

The floor of that time can’t be compared to the quality of today’s flooring. Thanks to our focus on R&D and new technologies, our floors are now even flatter, more sustainable and smarter. Our knowledge of concrete floors for logistics reaches far. Both in our lab and in practice. This helps us to develop revolutionary custom solutions and predict how a floor will behave in the future.

Thanks to our technology, the emissions of 80 cars are saved compared to regular industrial flooring.

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