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Greymatter technology

Crack-free floors with 50% lower CO₂ emissions

Better performance with a smaller CO₂ footprint.

The concrete floor in large distribution and warehousing centres represents half of the building’s total CO₂ emissions. We can do better. Van Berlo’s Greymatter technology makes commercial floors significantly more sustainable, without compromising on quality and performance.

Prevent downtime with crack-free floor

Crack formation is a huge problem for many logistics companies. Especially across very large surfaces, shrinkage can cause cracking that can lead to costly repairs and downtime. Van Berlo sees the floor as the foundation on which your logistics process has to run smoothly. Your valuable robots and machinery can only perform effectively in a highly automated environment on a floor that is flat, smooth and stable.

More hygienic and easier to clean

With its in-house developed Greymatter technology, Van Berlo has succeeded in developing a floor that is crack-free. Crack-free floors not only require less maintenance. They are also more hygienic, easier to clean and remove obstacles in the business process.

“Greymatter gives you a concrete with less cement and a lower water content. The addition of high-quality admixtures guarantees outstanding processing quality.”
Marie-Louise Peters, R&D Concrete Technology Expert

In numbers

crack-free floor

50% CO₂ reduction

30% circular raw materials

7 years of research

24/7 floor analysis

up to 20-year warranty

Already 50% CO₂ savings today

Cutting emissions down further in the future

Greymatter already offers a 50% reduction in CO₂ emissions. And in the coming years, our Research & Development department will continue to innovate with this sustainable technology. Gravel is partly replaced by circular materials. Limestone flour replaces some of the cement, and we use steel fibres instead of traditional reinforced steel. Laser diffraction improves aggregate packing with less cement. By reinventing a classic building material, we are able to achieve the biggest CO₂ reduction in the market.

Flexible specifications ensure purpose-designed performance

Customisation is the standard at Van Berlo. Before starting any project, we extensively research which concrete composition guarantees the best results, naturally in line with your business objectives and budget. The specifications of Greymatter Technology are flexible. When developing flooring for logistics, we determine together with you the maximum performance of your floor. We push the limits with every floor characteristic. Not just in terms of crack-free and low carbon, but also properties such as flatness and stability.

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