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Consumed by Concrete

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Smart concrete floors

It’s difficult to distinguish one logistics concrete floor from another just by looking at the surface. But underneath all that concrete is a lot of grey matter.

A customised floor solution makes all the difference between a good and an outstanding operational process. That’s why the experts at Van Berlo ask you in detail what you expect from your floor. Absolutely nothing is left to chance. From the specialists in our concrete lab to the engineers who design parametrically, and the craftsmen who pour the floor. Because we measure and know every detail, we deliver smart logistics flooring you can keep counting on.

Experience and expertise


Know what you’re saying. Know what you’re doing.

Knowledge and skill in logistics concrete floors is in our DNA. From our engineers to our pourers. Because we always aim for guaranteed high quality, we develop machinery and software in-house as well as customised floor solutions.

No Concessions


No concessions. We deliver logistics concrete floors that simply keep performing.

If there issues do arise, we always solve them. That’s our guarantee to you. In fact: we thrive on exceeding the expectations of our customers Every time.



Concrete floors for logistics and warehousing can always be better and more sustainable.

Our ongoing innovations with concrete reveal enormous opportunities for customers: new applications, sustainability, circularity and better technical specifications.

Van Berlo
Our expertise

Born to pour concrete

Since its foundation in 1979, Van Berlo has specialised in concrete floors. One metre at a time, we are gaining the trust of more and more clients. And more customers are asking for larger floor space. The family business of yesteryear has now grown into one of the biggest concrete flooring specialists in Europe. Nowhere else will you find all the knowledge and expertise in industrial flooring bundled together.

Van Berlo does everything from research to maintenance and from technical engineering to foundation construction. An all-encompassing floor solution as the reliable foundation for your business process. By delivering quality in every project, finding solutions to every problem, and staying at the forefront of technology. And even now that we are one of the largest industrial flooring specialists in Europe, Van Berlo stays true to the mentality it was founded on: hard work always pays off.

Van Berlo
Our history

45 years with our boots in concrete

Our first floor dates back to 1979. We have come millions of square metres ahead since then, enriching the market with knowledge and innovations.

And laying superflat, durable logistics flooring for customers that has served them for decades. A look back in time.

Founded by Harrie van Berlo under the name H.A. van Berlo Vloerenleggersbedrijf

First acquisition of finishing machines

Production of the first superflat floor with superscreed

Foundation of Van Berlo Engineering

Foundation of Van Berlo Systeemfunderingen

Foundation of Van Berlo Funderingstechnieken (formerly Vibrocom)

Foundation of Van Berlo Prefabfabriek

Development of first Miniscreed

Introduction of 3D model with Tekla Structures

Foundation of Van Berlo R&D including betonlab

KOMO certification for Prefab production

First crack-free flooring produced

Introduction of Greymatter

Van Berlo
Working method

Our way of working

The path to pouring our industrial floors is customisation. Each step in our work process is meticulously thought through and executed in close agreement with everyone involved. From research & development, specifications and engineering to work preparation, production and commissioning.

Research & Development

Our team of engineers continuously develops and researches innovations that we can apply in flooring solutions for our customers. Reliable data guides us in everything we do.


The customer’s frameworks and requirements are our foundation. We map out all qualitative and quantitative data and do not shy away from asking details about specific floor performance.


Based on our knowledge and years of accumulated data, we bring expertise and detailed advice together in the optimum floor design for your business.


The production of a custom-made concrete mix is closely supervised, measured and analysed. We leave absolutely nothing to chance in this process.


Our professionals produce the concrete floor using equipment developed in-house. On request, we also provide dock constructions, solid hollow walls, loading pits, gutters and manholes.


Our job is far from finished after pouring the floor. We also keep a close eye on our product while you use it. The sensors in the floor, for example, provide valuable data and preventive maintenance ensures the floor continues to perform. Day in, day out.

Van Berlo

The assurances of Van Berlo


What can we do for you?

Do you have a question or would you like more information? Our specialists are ready to help you. Please feel free to contact us.

Michiel van Zon Technical Commercial Advisor