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smart concrete floors

Building the floor of tomorrow

Our story

Custom floors

Van Berlo stands for concrete results. For custom floors that are as unique as the processes you perform on them.

Every custom floor is 100% produced to meet your usage requirements. That’s why every order starts with comprehensive preparation. Your input is the basis for the final result.

How we work

“Because we measure and know every detail, we deliver smart logistics flooring you can keep counting on.”

Our innovations

Greymatter Technology

Our Greymatter technology significantly improves the sustainability of industrial floors. Without compromising on quality and performance.

about Greymatter

Crack-free floors
with 50% lower CO₂ emissions

Our customers

Who we work for

Nieuwkuijk Houtlab
Helmond Edco
Almelo TSC

Van Berlo

Crazy for concrete

Our concrete may look like just another grey mass. But behind every flooring solution lies a fully customised approach. Aimed at the high demand of the user.

At Van Berlo, even the tiniest details make a world of difference. And that difference is attained every day by our specialists who leave nothing to chance. From our engineers to the professionals who produce your concrete floor.

our story

The assurance of Van Berlo

Expertise and experience

At Van Berlo, we have decades of experience with high-end logistics flooring.

All under one roof

From research and engineering to pouring and maintenance. We go through six meticulous steps to reach the best floor solution.

Focus on the future

Our R&D specialists develop and research innovations, for example to predict the behaviour of concrete in a floor.

High-end as the benchmark

Every floor, no matter how simple or complex, represents high-end quality. We won’t accept anything less.